Off to California

The lovely and I leave in the morning for California for a much needed getaway. The first few days will be in Pasadena for the Rose Parade (check out the Trader Joe’s float!). And, then heading up north to Los Olivos for a little wine, wine, wine, wine, food, wine, wine and wine.

Happy New Year!!!!! And, Good Hunting!!!!

perky porky pig posterior

A couple of days ago on eBay, a listing ended for a "metal "Perky Porky" cork screw bottle opener very cute." I set a snipe bid, and hoped for the best.

I have had several of the colonial pig corkscrew openers before, but this one intrigued me. As the seller explained that, "It is made of metal, and I only have the bottom of the case, which says Mf ‘d by Colonial Crafts wonderful conversation piece, sole distributors, Hamilton O. Cornwall Co., South Paris, Maine."

She didn’t picture the case that contained the pig butt, but I decided to go for it. And, it arrived today, along with the great graphics on the bottom of the case containing the bottom of the pig. So… (Tommy) it looks like there is another piggy in packaging added to the collection!

syroco pooch arrives

The syroco schnauzer arrived on the 24th, and I have sent emails to several different parties to try and figure out if it is an original syroco piece, or if someone took it upon themselves to create a corkscrew from some unsuspecting canine companion. And, as fortune would have it, a couple of emails netted out a picture of a very similar pooch–without the corkscrew–from a top syroco collector (thanks Ray).

So, yes Virginia, it is syroco.

The question of whether the corkscrew is original to the piece is a more difficult question to answer. There is no glue holding the corkscrew in, and the piece is pinned on the side, although my belled scotties do not have a pin that is so visible. Could it simply be that the pin was replaced?

If any more information comes to light on the pooch, I will share it here. Pictures below!

wish lists

There are too many corkscrews that I do not have, so to put together a wish list would be rather long. That said, several of us have exchanged emails about what are the top 6 pieces that we will be hunting for this year. If you have any of these items, and would like to help any of us out, feel free to drop a line.

RL’s list for the upcoming year


Davis Improved Metal lady lever (I still think there is one in a box in someone’s storage in northern Az.)

Hagenauer Golfer like the tennis player I have

U-Neek (but I want it cheap!!!!)

Hootch Owl (again…..I know I’m going to walk into the local antique mall and find one for 29.00 minus 10%)

a player to be named later – something really rare that comes as a gigantic surprise!

Mark’s list for the upcoming year

1) Painted Syroco clown

2) Negbaur Cat

3) Hootch Owl

4) Hoegger wall mount patent 1,763,849 (the one with the bell)

5) More Ross piggies (green, cream, black)

6) Crosby pup (the only corkscrewteer without one!)

Peter’s wish list for the upcoming year

1. Jones 1, these guys keep avoiding me, has to be a top priority for next year.

2. Thomason with slim fluted barrel, another I’ve been after for some time now.

3. Queens patent, Lund with grippers.

4. Cotterill.

5. Shrapnel with leather grips (we can all dream).

6. The unknown soldier, great call Wineleopard [aka RL] ! I wonder what it will be???

My wish list for the upcoming year…several of these were on last year’s list, but I keep trying:

Hootch owl





double helix barnes

Stay tuned for updates as to how well we all do in acquiring these corkscrews!!!!

a fantastic buy it now, and a mediocre one.

I awoke this morning, and decided against shoveling snow. I knew I had to get out there eventually, but figured several cups of coffee were needed first. And, of course, I checked my email. And, RL–who has been relatively silent as of late–had sent one with the subject, "He shoots, He scores!"

I opened the email to find a link. He must have scored a nice corkscrew. (note to self, sleep less, spend more time on eBay).

I clicked the link, and a fantastic celluloid folding lady corkscrew came up. And, with a price of $250–a very nice score indeed!!!

This surely out does the syroco codger that was listed with a buy it now of 19.99…

Scotties Heading to Newton Highlands

After a relatively short phone call, the owner of the scotties has agreed in principle on a trade. I will be sending some sort of mechanical corkscrew to be named later, and the scotties will find themselves a comfy home in the second floor corkscrew room. This doubles as a guest room, so if you are planning on staying over and want to be surrounded by corkscrews, be sure to book ahead!

an offer from down under

I received an email this morning from a corkscrew collector from Sydney. And, the photo below is the trade bait from his side. What he is after in exchange, we haven’t discussed, but these little puppies will surely be headed to Newton Highlands!

And, he explained that he reads the blog… so, there ARE more than 4 of you out there!

On another note, there are only 5 shopping days until Christmas… Just a friendly reminder to those of you who haven’t braved the crowds to pick up pressies for your loved ones…