Another Trade!!!!

I had an dentist appointment in Chicago yesterday, and Tommy was nice enough to pick me up at the airport. Prior to my appointment we headed to his place and started to talk trade. He was very desirous of the Socony-Syroco-Codger I just picked up, and I… well, I am pretty much desirous of all corkscrews. So, given that he had found some nice things of late, we started to go thru our trade-negotiation-process.

Now…for those of you not familiar with the Josef/Tommy trade negotiations that have taken place in the past, it usually looks like this. I set a corkscrew that Tommy wants on the table and proceed to hunt around for corkscrews that I would want in exchange. I put my pile next to the tradebait, and stare at him. Shortly he removes several of the pieces I want in exchange, and grabs something else to add to the pile. And, then stares at me. I then take away a couple of pieces, and try to get several others I would want and add them to the pile. Staring ensues. Tommy then removes the pieces he wants to keep, and so on, and so on, and so on.

This goes on for a good half-hour or so, while we negotiate back and forth; sometimes bursting out into hysterics, occasionally grumbling, and usually just shaking our respective heads at the other’s ridiculous offer. Finally, we come to some accord, and the deal is done.

And, yesterday was one of those days. Tommy got his Socony-Syroco-Codger, and I ended up with his Syroco Waiter mold, a Thomason, bone handled T pull, and some other stuff he threw in at the last minute to keep me from trying to abscond with one of his 6 ross piggies.

I have another appointment in Chicago on Jan. 24. I wonder will be traded then!!!!!?????!!!!!!!