A corkscrew at the Wilmington Show

I found several things at the antique show; 20 corkscrews, a member of the CCCC, and some popcorn; albeit stale popcorn.

I passed on most of the corkscrews that I saw, and only bought one. But, it is a dandy. It is a sterling roundlet marked "TIFFANY & CO, 3772 MAKERS 14988, STERLING, M" And, it is also engraved with the name "FLOYD CHARLES FURLOW JR." across the case. A great item, for not a ton of money.

I did eat some of the popcorn, and had a couple of brief conversations with the fellow CCCC’er.

Then, I scooted out of the show, and headed back to the house. The pictures below are today’s find, and yesterdays arrivals via the mail!