Vintage Pewter(?) Cork Screw/Bottle Opener?

Yesterday there was a corkscrew slipping thru eBay with only one bid. It had the title, "Vintage Pewter(?) Cork Screw/Bottle Opener" and no gallery picture. I hadn’t seen it myself earlier, so I clicked the link, and found it a little more than interesting.

I copied and pasted the listing number into auction sniper, placed a fairly high bid (high for me anyway) and went off for the days activities–discussing kitchen design with yet another designer. In fact, I had pretty much forgotten that placed the snipe, when an email came thru saying, that i had won on ebay…

I clicked the link and there it was. $ 11.61 was the winning bid! for a lovely "Vintage Pewter(?) Cork Screw/Bottle Opener." My snipe went thru, and I was one of only three who had bid…quite the deal at $ 11.61, especially when Bull’s book puts the piece at 200-300!

Below you will see the "Vintage Pewter(?) Cork Screw/Bottle Opener." Given it is a second one for me, feel free to make an offer for trade!

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