cane corkscrews, a baker patent, and arriving in DC

It has been an eventful day. After a brief stop with the divesting collector, I was on the road again, with corkscrews in tow. Not that I was towing corkscrews, but I have several interesting corkscrews sitting in the back of the mini. 3 corkscrew canes, a le presto with perille crown, a baker patent, an interesting ivory tusk with gold, and a fantastic whales tooth and bone direct pull; hand carved, with a walking stick that matches it. This is a fantastic twosome which deserves a good home. They came from a family in New Bedford, MA whose ancestors were in the whaling industry. Pictures to follow.

I arrived at Mark’s this evening, and we enjoyed some wine whilst perusing his collection. His collection is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will head to the DC Flea–who knows what will be in store; hootch owls, dickson patents, syrocos?

adding to the travel plans

Well, it looks as though a brief stop on my way down to DC may net out a couple of corkscrews. I spoke yesterday with aforementioned "divesting collector," who agreed to meet up for a cup of coffee. He mentioned bringing a couple of corkscrews including a couple of corkscrew canes, and two carved/ivory/tusk pieces.

how cool is that!!!!

I did pick up a couple of corkscrews the other day, an austrian cat (marked Baller), and a sterling and mother of pearl mid size. I wonder how long it will be until Tommy starts asking to trade for the cat?

walking the pink carpet and not winning

For those of you that watched the oscars last night, or at least the pre-oscars featuring Gary Busey, when did the red carpet become hot pink???

Since neither of the two of us were nominated for an oscar this year, we didn’t need to worry about acceptance speeches or the look on our faces when we didn’t win. However, this morning over coffee, I came to find out how many losses I actually experienced over the last 10 hours. Yes, the pictures below are the corkscrews that I didn’t win last night–despite having snipes set.

the Oscars

While it is simply an honor to be nominated, the lovely and I will NOT be attending the Oscars this evening. This is not in any form of protest, support of the recently ended writer’s strike, or because of flight delays due to the recent snow in New England. No, this would be because we neither received nominations or invitations to attend. Instead the lovely will be donning zac posen, while I will be adorned in armani, while we watch on our giant 22 inch flat screen. The small, albeit festive, oscar party will be catered by Chef Josef.

brisk sales, falling snow, and an interesting email

Well, many of the pieces from the latest collection have already sold… although there are still some left! Corkscrews will be shipped all over the world come Monday!!!

It is dumping snow currently, and it has been doing so since this morning. A good evening to open a bottle of wine or two with the lovely bride, and plan on shoveling out tomorrow!

I received an email today regarding a copperfield corkscrew…e-negotiations are taking place as I type!

Day 2 of the eBay strike, and additions to my site

I was discussing the eBay boycott with a fellow collector today, and we thought it was funny how it hasn’t seemed to slow down the offerings on the ubiquitous auction site. I have yet to list anything, but as I have J-Bay working, I have other options.

Speaking of…

Given that the the latest collection will be arriving on Thursday, I have added some items to my for sale page…check it out. corkscrews for sale @