cane corkscrews, a baker patent, and arriving in DC

It has been an eventful day. After a brief stop with the divesting collector, I was on the road again, with corkscrews in tow. Not that I was towing corkscrews, but I have several interesting corkscrews sitting in the back of the mini. 3 corkscrew canes, a le presto with perille crown, a baker patent, an interesting ivory tusk with gold, and a fantastic whales tooth and bone direct pull; hand carved, with a walking stick that matches it. This is a fantastic twosome which deserves a good home. They came from a family in New Bedford, MA whose ancestors were in the whaling industry. Pictures to follow.

I arrived at Mark’s this evening, and we enjoyed some wine whilst perusing his collection. His collection is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow we will head to the DC Flea–who knows what will be in store; hootch owls, dickson patents, syrocos?

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