cheering up a sad austrian monkey

In Don Bull’s book, he pictures a monkey corkscrew which he refers to as "sad Austrian monkey." A very similar depressed primate arrived at the house today via phil-the-mail-carrier.

So, the lovely and I took it upon ourselves to cheer the chimp up, by allowing him to assist in the opening of a bottle of wine.

He now seems decidedly happier having been given a task to do!!!

15 Nifties! ! !

Early on in my quest for corkscrews–armed with my 5 dollar limit–a Nifty corkscrew was always a good find. After a while however, I got increasingly pickier, and would pass on the opener when it came my way unless an interesting advertisement was embossed across it.

Then came some interesting (albeit more expensive) Nifty finds; A Nifty in leather pouch, A Nifty with a screw driver, a Nifty with a button hook, a Nifty marked Nippy, a Nifty rubber stamp, a Nifty on its original advertising card.

And, then last night after a couple email exchanges there are 15 more Niftys heading my way. All on their original cards, a couple will be kept, a few may be traded, but I have a feeling I have my corkscrewy christmas shopping list complete for the year. (Thanks Chris! read his blog! . Let me know when you find other corkscrews!!!!!).

narragansett ale

I set a snipe on this little corkscrew last night, as I was teaching a class while it ended. Some time between hearing a student’s speech on how to make marinara sauce and another on how to cosmeticize a dead person the auction was finished. And, I had to wait until class was over to find out, but as it happened, I won!!!

I have seen this corkscrew/opener hit far more at auction, and thought it would make for some nice trade bait at the JFO in a couple of weeks. If it goes untraded, it will be a nice addition to the collection.

a few arrivals

well, a couple of deals have been struck as of late, and the corkscrews (pictured below) arrived yesterday.

Actually, they arrived day before yesterday, and the mail man (not phil) left a notice saying they would be available at the post office after 8 am, the following day.

So, I get the contractors all set up, and make my way over to the post office yesterday, and present the notice. The mail people go hunting for the package to return empty handed. Apparently the mail carrier, decided to try and "re-deliver" it.

Why the notice saying to pick it up then?

And, what happens if he tries to deliver it, whilst I am standing in the post office trying to pick it up? Do I get another notice, to go back to the post office?

I headed back home, and hoped I didn’t miss him.

I didn’t. However, he already had a little notice ready to go just in case.

I snatched the box from his evil clutches and went inside!

interesting bow corkscrew

I saw this corkscrew ending last night, and with 4 minutes to go thought to my self, "self, you need to grab Ferd Peters and Bert Giulian’s book on Pocket Corkscrews and start thumbing quickly!"

The little bow didn’t look to be in their recently released tome. It does have some similarities to other very early bows however; specifically the shape of the worm and the hinge mechanism.

Two minutes of thumbing… I checked the item again.

I hemmed and hawed for a minute and 33 seconds, and with the item winding down I threw a bid on it. And, subsequently refreshed waiting for the deluge of snipe bids to come.

They didn’t!

I won!!!!

Once it arrives at 16 Kingston, I will take some pictures and post them here. I will also do a little research to see there is any information out there on this one. A welcome addition, it may make the best 6 for 2008!!!


Yesterday an unusual corkscrew was listed on eBay…at least from the description one would find it a rare piece. Yes, this piece is made from a veloraptor talon.

"a veloraptor?" you ask….

Apparently some ingenious corkscrew maker managed to uncover a dinosaur claw/talon and fashioned a corkscrew out of it. This may even be rarer than the previously listed bear tusk corkscrew!!!

The item is titled, "ANTIQUE CORKSCREW VELOCIRAPTOR CLAW + STERLING SILVER." The perfect corkscrew for the wine drinking caveman !

plasterers, tile guys, and a couple of corkscrews…

Yesterday was quite the eventful Thursday with the kitchen, two bathrooms, two closets, one hallway, and various other holes that had been cut out around the house being plastered. And, we have got the tile guy lined up for Monday morning! The house is starting to come together, and next week–or the beginning of next–the kitchen cabinets will arrive and we will be close to having a real kitchen.

As far as corkscrews go, beyond the drawers of corkscrews, I picked up a couple of corkscrews the other day and asked the seller if she had any others. She responded in the affirmative explaining they had a baker’s dozen more. I offered, and they accepted, so a group of 13 flashes are on their way.

And, as if that wouldn’t be enough for a cool email exchange, in between writing checks to plumbers, carpenters, and plasterers, and reading articles for my dissertation, I checked eBay to see an interesting pair of ladies legs listed with a buy it now. (no, I didn’t ask for it) And, this corkscrew has an interesting twist. It is flesh colored on one side–no stockings, and half stockings on the reverse. How cool is that!!!

Pictures below!