5 a.m., 438 miles, 4 starbucks stops, and a baker

I awoke just before 5 this morning, and departed Chez Woodard in the darkness. Don’t worry Mark, I didn’t take any "extra" corkscrews. After a couple of miles, I hit starbucks and was soon heading North. Three more starbucks stops later (and 438 miles) I was pulling into Newton Highlands.

The time hunting for corkscrews with Mark was a blast, and we hit every one of the 1100 booths that were at the DC Flea. There were some finds, I found a 14K Gold Nifty and an unusual kitchen tool (not a corkscrew), and Mark found several items as well. Pictures and more details will be put up tomorrow. We also found Paul Luschinger–he wasn’t priced, so we didn’t offer to buy him.

I will be adding three cane corkscrews to the website tomorrow for sale, and some other neat pieces. Pictured below was my find of the trip (not that it was really found per se). I have wanted a baker patent for some time, and now I have one. I am pretty sure this will be claimed by the lovely bride however, as Baker is her maiden name.