canes, le presto, tusk, and a whale of an opportunity

As mentioned over the last few days, the divesting collector gave me a few more corkscrews to sell on his behalf. Pictures are below, but more detailed information will be put on my website tomorrow. For those of you that want to jump at the chance to get a corkscrew cane, le presto, or tusk. Feel free to drop me a line. The collage of pictures featuring a corkscrew and cane is a fantastic twosome–these pieces were acquired from an estate in New Bedford, Mass–home of the whaling museum, and the family that possessed these had a history of whaling in their past. These are an awesome pair, and are quite handsome together.

enjoy the pictures, and again, the website will be updated tomorrow, and I will be sending emails with pricing, unless you really really want to make an offer.