additions to the website, and ICCA auctions

I was emailed this morning by a collector of syroco who asked about the history, and was wondering if I had any syroco catalogs that pictured the corkscrews and openers. And, as luck would have it, just the other day I was going through some stuff that the grandson of the founder of syroco had sent me some years back, and decided to utilize the catalog pages to update the website. So, if you are so inclined. is the latest page added to the website.

There you will find scans of catalog images of the codger, waiter, laughing man, pickwick, clown, monk, police dog, bulldog, small police dog, and full figured scotties. I will add a few more in the coming days, although several of the images are similar as they are simply from different catalogs from different years.

And, I have listed a couple of corkscrews on the new ICCA corkscrew auction site. There are some fantastic corkscrews currently listed…!!!!