Out sniped, No snipe, and winning without a snipe.

I have decided to take Spring Break to work hard on my dissertation. I am convinced that I can have the first two chapters done by next Monday…wish me luck!

And, dissertating isn’t really an enjoyable task, so I had to take a break for a couple of minutes to check email/ebay/have coffee. And, there were some interesting occurrences having taken place last night, and carrying over till this morning.

The first, I was out-sniped by Tommy on a Gucci Corkscrew–the one with the Gold G–with sheath. And, then, I had a snipe set for that Krueger’s Beer corkscrew, and woke up this morning only to find that my snipe wasn’t placed. Oh, it was set…, but auctionsniper failed to come through. And, who should end up winning the auction, but Tommy.

So, I was a bit peeved at auctionsniper, until Tommy and I talked on the phone. Apparently had my snipe gone through, it still wouldn’t have won. He bid HIGH!!!

I went back to dissertating, and as the evening progressed, hopped on eBay for a moment, and what should appear but a cute little bell corkscrew with a BIN. I clicked immediately! I won! I did the corkscrew dance of joy!

Tomorrow will be more dissertating; a little dissertating, and perhaps I will work on my dissertation.