Bob in the South Shore

I was emailed the other day about a corkscrew that this guy had in his garage. He explained that he had, "one of those joker corkscrews" But, didn’t have a picture to send.

Joker corkscrew? I tried to figure out what he meant. Old codger? Clown? There is that little piece in Ferd’s book marked "little joker"…?

Emails turned to phone calls, and he described the piece to me. "It has green and white, has legs and this joker face…" he explained.

green and white with a joker face? I figured he had a pair of legs, until he mentioned the face. Apparently he didn’t have the piece in front of him, he was only telling me from memory. When he said this, I wondered… could there be a green and white clown? With the mention of legs and colors, I ruled out the Ferd piece.

Finally, he called me back with corkscrew in hand. He described it again, and it isn’t a clown. And, it isn’t green and white. And, it doesn’t have a joker’s face on it.

20 minutes later, I was pulling up in front of "Bob in the South Shore’s" house, whipped out a small wad of cash, and said thanks! (Bob also has some old fishing lures he wouldn’t part with).

He promises to look for others in his travels, but the non little joker, non codger, non clown, non green and white, corkscrew made it safely back to 16 Kingston… And, it is pictured below.