french doors and a little meandering

This morning the lovely and I are heading out to a lumber yard to pick out the french doors which will open up the living room to the new deck (yet to be built) that will overlook the park. And, given that we have to head all the way out to littleton, ma to get there, she suggested a little meandering post french door selection; which means antiquing, stopping at coffee houses, antiquing, followed by a light lunch with some sauv. blanc, and more antiquing.

So, as soon as we have the door picked out, we will head west a little, and then north into Vermont. Surely there has to be a corkscrew around there somewhere…

I will report back with any terrific, or not so terrific, finds. Also, I did pick up a couple more openers for the JFO folk. Maybe one of them will bring one of those giant Walker corkscrews to trade!!!