we didn’t quite get to Vermont, and discussing corkscrew tattoos…

We did pick out our new doors yesterday, and headed west and north. However, we never made it to Vermont. Instead we meandered up to Keene, NH and had coffee, went antiquing, and had a light lunch–not with sauv blanc, as guinness was the beverage of choice. This was followed by a little antiquing, coffee, and the meandering drive back home. It was a great time.

And, the topic came up of a corkscrew tattoo. Not too long ago, Peter Borrett suggested a giant Heeley double lever that would take over my entire back, and my arms as well. The lovely was intrigued by this, but suggested something smaller. Now, I can say with certain confidence that there will be no mannikin pis, ugly grape vines, or pot pig corkscrews to be placed on my forearm, but I am open to suggestions…

Last night we were leaning towards a henshall, the bacchus wrestling the man for grapes, or some version of a double helix. Any ideas!???!

2 responses

  1. It has to be a double lever, but seeing as you are flying the star-spangle banner a Hootch Owl would be a good choice. It would be cool watching you flap your wings.

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