plasterers, tile guys, and a couple of corkscrews…

Yesterday was quite the eventful Thursday with the kitchen, two bathrooms, two closets, one hallway, and various other holes that had been cut out around the house being plastered. And, we have got the tile guy lined up for Monday morning! The house is starting to come together, and next week–or the beginning of next–the kitchen cabinets will arrive and we will be close to having a real kitchen.

As far as corkscrews go, beyond the drawers of corkscrews, I picked up a couple of corkscrews the other day and asked the seller if she had any others. She responded in the affirmative explaining they had a baker’s dozen more. I offered, and they accepted, so a group of 13 flashes are on their way.

And, as if that wouldn’t be enough for a cool email exchange, in between writing checks to plumbers, carpenters, and plasterers, and reading articles for my dissertation, I checked eBay to see an interesting pair of ladies legs listed with a buy it now. (no, I didn’t ask for it) And, this corkscrew has an interesting twist. It is flesh colored on one side–no stockings, and half stockings on the reverse. How cool is that!!!

Pictures below!