interesting bow corkscrew

I saw this corkscrew ending last night, and with 4 minutes to go thought to my self, "self, you need to grab Ferd Peters and Bert Giulian’s book on Pocket Corkscrews and start thumbing quickly!"

The little bow didn’t look to be in their recently released tome. It does have some similarities to other very early bows however; specifically the shape of the worm and the hinge mechanism.

Two minutes of thumbing… I checked the item again.

I hemmed and hawed for a minute and 33 seconds, and with the item winding down I threw a bid on it. And, subsequently refreshed waiting for the deluge of snipe bids to come.

They didn’t!

I won!!!!

Once it arrives at 16 Kingston, I will take some pictures and post them here. I will also do a little research to see there is any information out there on this one. A welcome addition, it may make the best 6 for 2008!!!