a few arrivals

well, a couple of deals have been struck as of late, and the corkscrews (pictured below) arrived yesterday.

Actually, they arrived day before yesterday, and the mail man (not phil) left a notice saying they would be available at the post office after 8 am, the following day.

So, I get the contractors all set up, and make my way over to the post office yesterday, and present the notice. The mail people go hunting for the package to return empty handed. Apparently the mail carrier, decided to try and "re-deliver" it.

Why the notice saying to pick it up then?

And, what happens if he tries to deliver it, whilst I am standing in the post office trying to pick it up? Do I get another notice, to go back to the post office?

I headed back home, and hoped I didn’t miss him.

I didn’t. However, he already had a little notice ready to go just in case.

I snatched the box from his evil clutches and went inside!