15 Nifties! ! !

Early on in my quest for corkscrews–armed with my 5 dollar limit–a Nifty corkscrew was always a good find. After a while however, I got increasingly pickier, and would pass on the opener when it came my way unless an interesting advertisement was embossed across it.

Then came some interesting (albeit more expensive) Nifty finds; A Nifty in leather pouch, A Nifty with a screw driver, a Nifty with a button hook, a Nifty marked Nippy, a Nifty rubber stamp, a Nifty on its original advertising card.

And, then last night after a couple email exchanges there are 15 more Niftys heading my way. All on their original cards, a couple will be kept, a few may be traded, but I have a feeling I have my corkscrewy christmas shopping list complete for the year. (Thanks Chris! read his blog! . Let me know when you find other corkscrews!!!!!).