margaret cho, double helix barnes, and new cabinets!

Now, for those of you that don’t know, we don’t live IN Boston, but instead a little outside of it; about 10.8 miles or so. And, we have been on a tear lately buying up event tickets for various performers coming to town, and Saturday night Margaret Cho was performing. It was a great show!

We decided to be tourists for the weekend, and shacked up at Hotel Nine Zero. They upgraded us a bit, and we dined at a steak house called KO prime. The Sbragia Zin was fantastic!

Prior to the show, we meandered around the common, and hopped on to Charles Street to for a bit of shopping. I once again, looked at a Theiry and Croselmire corkscrew at a favorite antique shop. It has been there for over two years, and he did come down in price, but it looks a little odd. Instead of being dipped in sterling, it looks like there are a couple of rivets holding the end pieces on, and by the helix it is hand printed (still incised mind you) STERLING. A neat piece, but I opted not yet again.

I missed out on the double helix barnes last night…perhaps I should have sniped more. One of the screws was bent, and had it not been, I would have gone higher. That said, had one of the screws not been bent, I am sure others would have bid higher as well.

The new kitchen cabinets are supposed to be delivered and installed today and tomorrow. There is a new deck almost complete on the back side of the house, and my new office is just waiting for finishing touches! the house is coming together!!!