carved drunk monk…

Months ago, I was up in Maine and stopped by an antique shop where I went through the motions of looking for corkscrews, only to come up empty. As I was meandering about, the shopkeeper asked what I was looking for…

Upon hearing that I was looking for old corkscrews, he mentioned he had an interesting one at home. I asked if he wanted to run and get it while I watched the shop for him. For some reason, that didn’t seem like a good idea to him, so he promised to bring it in for me for the next visit.

Well, I visited again a week ago, and after talking to him for a brief few moments, he apologized profusely for not bringing it in yet, but he said it was closer–he had moved it across his dining room nearer to the front door.

So, I called the shop today as I was already halfway there, after a brief stop in New Hampshire. And, one of the other shop keepers promised to call the owner and make sure he brought it in. She asked me to call back in 10 minutes. I did, and the corkscrew was on its way.

I made it to the shop, and he walked in with a corkscrew in hand. We negotiated price, and the carved drunken monk corkscrew, was mine!!!!

It is quite handsome, with a little sterling accent on one end. A neat piece that surely will find its way into the lovely’s collection.