nice ice cream scoop!

I was going to mention the items we found at the Boston Antiques show today, but after a couple of quick phone conversations with Tommy, ice cream scoops have taken precedence!

Tommy and I were talking this morning, and he was mentioning a couple of deals he had made. It was the usual stuff, and discussions about the upcoming JFO, when he asked if I had remembered his new penchant for ice cream scoops. Of course, we had talked about it, but I had no idea he had started purchasing them on a regular basis when they were a fair price.

And, one was definitely purchased for a fair price. Apparently Tommy haggled the guy down from 18 to 15 dollars. Said ice cream scoop, has since been listed on eBay, and ended for a whopping price of $ 1136.11 !!!! Now that is one nice ice cream scoop!!!!

Note to self: whilst out looking for corkscrews, look in the antique ice cream dipper/scoop area!