Tomorrow, in the wee hours of the morning, I will be driving down to Providence to hop a plane to St. Louis (hopefully there will a shuttle to the hotel). And, the JFO-ing will commence.

In past there have been many many many openers (and opener collectors) in attendance, but there are also those who hold corkscrews in high esteem. And, there are some opener collectors, who will bring corkscrews they find to utilize as trade bait. Two years ago, there was a giant Walker corkscrew that I passed up, which I regret. Last year there was the coffin guy that Tommy picked up for a fantastic price. And, for two years in a row John Stanley and I have made a trade of some high ticket items; Legs for a Mumford in Nashville, Sterling Golf Bag for Legs in Harrisburg.

Oh, trades definitely will be made, side deals will happen, and I have a few nice pieces that I have been asked to bring by some of the big dogs…

I have been squirreling away a few pieces for an unveiling at the room to room trading. Who will want the SENATE BEER opener scoop? Who will want to take the patented Moxie opener with an 1899 date? And, who will be lusting for the Narragansett Beer Knife opener? Oh, there will be trades!!!!!!

I will report back daily from the events of each day!!!! Is it possible that a blockbuster deal between Tommy and I will take place?