The flight was uneventful–always a good thing–and after a brief shuttle ride, I arrived at the hotel. And, as I was checking in, Tommy walked into the lobby and said "hey."

Our room was going to take a while, so we headed up to the hospitality suite. And, I pulled out a box of openers and corkscrews and let people peruse the merchandise. A few of the big dogs were interested in some of the rare pieces, and I sat back and enjoyed the show of long time opener collectors discussing the rarity of this one, or the scarcity of that one.

After our room was ready, we were back in trading mode, and hit the various rooms in the hotel. Definitely the coolest thing about the JFO is the informality of it. You simply walk into someone’s room whose door is ajar, announce yourselves–if needed–and peruse what is available for sale.

Speaking of for sale, after a few minutes of haggling and his recovery from my initial asking price, John ended up with the Senate Beer scoop opener, patented Moxie opener, and a few other items. And, I netted out a little spending money, which by the end of the evening I spent on a folding german lady celluloid corkscrew–pictures tomorrow, or when ever I find where in the hotel I left my camera.

I also made a trade for a Knudsen patent corkscrew, and sold a few others to various opener folk. It has been a whirlwind trip so far, and we will hit the antique malls tomorrow!