4 pars, 1 Birdie, and an Austrian Man

Yesterday was the Boston Marathon, and whilst others were running, I stole away to play 9 holes. Stealing away did prove to be difficult however, as the main road that separates our house to the golf course was the marathon route. After several twists and turns, two highways, one toll, and a bit of traffic, I figured out away to get there.

And, it wasn’t a bad 9. The first two were doubles–not great, the next two were pars–much better! These were followed by a triple (ouch); par, double, bogey, par. 10 over for the 9, and I was starting to get into the groove. Perhaps I should play the back 9 as well. I bogeyed the 10th, doubled the 11th, and on a short (129 yard) par three, put it 2 feet from the hole. A tap in later, I decided to celebrate the birdie with a walk back to my car and headed home enjoying the twists, turns, highways, tolls, and traffic.

I know I could have kept on playing, but I had somewhere I needed to be, and it seemed like a good idea to end on a high note.

Speaking of high notes, I managed to score this interesting Hagenauer/Baller Austrian (not Australian) figural corkscrew the other day, and am anxious for his arrival. It will make for a interesting addition to the collection.

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