swank/syroco towel bar

I got a voice mail, from Mark yesterday, so I dropped him a line to see what was up. I knew he and TC were at the Renninger’s show in Kutztown (birthplace of Keith Haring) and they would be on the hunt for corkscrews.

When we talked he mentioned that he picked up a cool item for me. While it wasn’t a corkscrew, it was Syroco–and in its original box. However on the side of the box, there was not a Syroco sticker, but one for "Swank." Now, I have run across other products with the Swank name; cufflinks, a corkscrew, bar set, and other items, but I was wondering if any one of you that read this have ever run across a catalog for Swank, and/or do you have any information on the company?

We are in Lake Las Vegas, and our room overlooks the Reflection Bay Golf Course. I have an 8:30 tee time tomorrow, and hopefully will have a good round. I am sure there will be some side bets going with the other guys playing. I wonder if any of them have corkscrews in their bag…

Until then, I will be pool-side, drinking sauvignon blanc and working on my dissertation whilst soaking up the sun.

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