a difficult round…

Yesterday a large group of us played reflection bay golf course in lake las vegas. it is a beautiful location with water on 9 of the 18 holes. and, while the 30 mile an hour winds did come into play for me, the water didn’t. I actually made it through the entire round without losing a ball in the water–losing them out of bounds was another problem however.

there were some highlights to the round however. my playing partner on a 198 yard par three landed his ball on the front of the green only to have it roll into the cup, bounce off the flag stick, and end up a foot away. yes, he almost aced the hole! And, on the 15th, I followed a 300+ yard drive with a 200+ yard second shot that put me on the fringe of the green on a difficult par 5 that spanned two desert canyons. Note to self; when playing target golf feel free to shoot over the first target and land on the next.

My score however, was huge! A good 15 strokes higher than normal. So, to ease my pain, I placed a snipe bid on the corkscrew pictured below and this morning won the little guy.

We are off to the airport this morning to head back to Boston!