12 days to Brimfield (and the plumbers are installing the dishwasher)

The official countdown has begun! 12 days!!!!!

Last year, Mike Gordon found a power cone for 10 dollars, Andre Burgos was set up next to another dealer who had a Bennit patent which he got for a song–although I didn’t hear him actually sing. And, I came away with a dozen or so corkscrews during my own hunting around. What will this year bring; I can only imagine.

Without fail there will be a nice carved horn piece missing its sterling cap–as it has been there for the past 3 years, still over priced. And, there will be a Gorham silver wolf’s head corkscrew with a price tag of 2500.00 or so… This too has been there for 3 years.

That said, I have yet to come away empty handed, so I am sure there will be treasures for all the corkscrew collectors out there!

On the kitchen front, the dishwasher and kitchen faucet are being installed today! We are almost done!!!!!!!!