11 days to Brimfield (and all is quite on the construction front)

Yes, it is only 6 in the morning, but as of the moment there are no carpenters, painters, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, laborers, or baristas at our house. In fact, we actually may have a day without contractors! The kitchen, with the exception of some touch up paint, and a second coat on the window is done! Done!!!!

Running water… who knew it would seem like a luxury…

So, in between teaching and running around for a party that we are throwing on Saturday, I will be stocking the kitchen with kitchen stuff–most of which has been stacked in various locations of our living room for the past few months.

On to corkscrews…

I managed to pick up a little flash corkscrew yesterday for the ripe price of $ 5.49. Given that I traded most (yes, Tommy I did say most) of my Williamson flashes to Tommy in St. Louis, it will be a welcome addition to the future trade bait pile.

And, Brimfield is in 11 days!!!