Off to Vinalhaven for the weekend, a vulcan, and other corkscrew stuff…

The "divesting collector" and I spoke this morning and prices have been set for the latest corkscrews. An email will be sent to the various folk around the world on Monday upon my return from Maine.

So, for those of you who are salivating over the possibility of getting a crosby pup, 18 c. folding piece, or two pillar corkscrew, no worries. I don’t have email access in Maine, so no one can really make an offer until I get back. The prices are fair, and the corkscrews are quite handsome.

Speaking of corkscrews, TC scored a Vulcan today! I don’t know how Leonard Nimoy helps in opening a bottle of wine, but Tommy seemed quite pleased. As for myself, I received a little austrian man corkscrew in the mail that is available for trade. Feel free to email offers.

Also, Brimfield starts on Tuesday, so guests will be arriving late Monday. I will pull out some nice bottles of wine, and we can try out the various corkscrews found all over the house.