Day Two–or Morning Two

It is still in the wee hours, and I hear the guys getting ready for day 2 of Brimfield. Yesterday was great, no rain, and plenty of things to discover. Brass sea serpents, williamson roundlets, cloughs, stag handled pieces adorned with silver, they were all there. Each of us found a few, and then all of us found a few other collectors. Barry, Ron, Andre were all scouring the fields, as was Mike, Murray, Bob, Flavious, and several other thousand collectors whom we didn’t meet.

I definitely will post pictures later tonight, upon our return. My favorite (thus far) being of the Mah Jong collecting couple whom we followed for the first half of the morning.

Until then, I picked this up while shopping for dinner. Actually, auctionsniper picked this up while I was shopping for dinner. It looks to be a Rena Rosenthal signed brass corkscrew! A welcome addition to the collection!.