Brimfield – morning 3

There has been a lot of walking this last couple of days, but today will provide a bit of a break as there is only one new field opening this morning. We will head down, hopefully make a couple of deals and be done for the day. There have been some great finds, some great people, and plenty of characters.

While none of us have made the unbelievable find, we each have made some cool discoveries. And, the three of us have learned a lot about each other spending this much time together. For example, Tommy can’t resist the opportunity to make a trade, and Mark… well apparently Mark is so intrigued by the game of Mah Jongg, he actually got into a booth before the "mah jongg couple" in matching red jumpsuits and bought a vintage set (much to their chagrin). Now, we have learned he doesn’t actually know how to play the game (none of the rest of us do either), but he confirmed that he will be ready for the July Brimfield show with his own "kicky" sweatsuit possibly in pink with blue flames.

Mark heads home after today’s show, and the lovely is heading to Nantucket for a day or so. I am hoping Tommy and I can go hit the golf course, but his foot (which was first described as sore, then sprained, then rolled, then fractured, then broken) is slowing him down a bit, and would probably hamper his game.

As promised the Mah Jongg couple is pictured below. Corkscrews will be added later!

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