back from Brimfield, Nantucket, and a brief jaunt on our bikes…

It has been a corkscrewy week. Both Tommy and Mark have headed home from Brimfield with many corkscrews (and mah jongg sets) between them. I picked up a couple of corkscrews myself, and will be listing some on eBay today–or tomorrow.

Tommy left on Friday morning after hitting J and J (in Brimfield) and I managed to contact a dealer who has 20-30 corkscrews sitting at his place. He promised to call tomorrow to set up a visit. He mentioned a Dickson patent, I will hope his price is fair.

Friday night, the lovely called to explain that she booked me on a morning flight to join her in Nantucket, and we got to spend the day sampling wine and food at the Nantucket Wine Festival. A great way to finish the week, and there were some great wines being poured. Chimney Rock, Fisher, and Barbour to name a few. And, we got to run into the De Loach’s, who sold off their namesake brand a couple of years ago, and are now back with a "hook and ladder" label.

We flew back home Saturday night, and hopped on our mountain bikes Sunday morning to visit the artist open studios around our area. No paintings, sculptures, or other artsy things were purchased, but it was definitely a good time!

As soon as I find my camera cord pictures of the Brimfield finds will be posted here. Stay tuned!