Portsmouth and Home

The lovely and I left Friday afternoon for Portsmouth, NH where two of our dear friends got married (to each other). It was a lovely setting, a great time, and there was much wine consumed.

I dropped the lovely off at the airport this morning, as she is headed to California for a few days, and I hit the Topsfield, MA Antique Show… nothing worth buying unless you are in the market for one of those grapevine corkscrews that often gets billed as Rare, Ancient, or Ugly.

Speaking of corkscrews, I have been offered a painted syroco clown, but the offer-er wants a U-Neek in exchange. I will have to mull this one over.

Also, Tommy’s Mah Jong set hit 426$, I still can’t bring myself to take a chance on one, but it is nice to see that his investment paid off. He also now has 10 ross pigs…not a blue one, but 10 others!

I am off to make dinner, and contemplate ways to celebrate Memorial day. Golf maybe?

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