small martinis

Early on in my corkscrew collecting, I was looking for a housewarming gift for two friends who collected martini shakers. So, I figured I would go out and find them one they didn’t have. I hit the antique malls hoping to pick one up. And, there I saw the piece I was after, sitting innocently amongst all the other martini shakers, barware, and the like in what has affectionately been referred to as the "alcoholic’s case" at an antique mall in Chicago.

I asked if the case could be opened, and I grabbed for the piece. I looked at it closely, and pulled off the top. WHAT!!!??? There is a corkscrew inside!!!!! Of course, I had happened upon the Napier Miniature Martini Shaker with corkscrew (apparently at that point in my collecting, I had skipped that page in Don’s book).

I bought the piece fully knowing that I would be keeping the corkscrew, and would have to find another gift for our friends (I did, bytheway).

A few months later, I picked up the same Napier piece in the original box–with instructions and advertising card. However, thru trades and deals, somehow I ended up WITHOUT a "bar baby" (as it was originally marketed).

Feeling a lack in my life due to an inability to make very very small martinis, I have been placing snipe bids each time one of these little guys come up, and one finally hit. A bar baby is coming back to the collection! Now, if I can only find a very very very small bottle of gin and vermouth.

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