neighborly neighbors

So, I was grabbing something out of the mini yesterday, when I noticed our neighbor was digging around his garage. He had recently had a garage sale, as they are putting their place up for sale. I said hello, and we exchanged pleasantries, and then he pulled out a corkscrew from a box and asked if it was worth anything.

I told him it was, and asked how much he wanted for it. He simply handed it to me, and said, "just take it."

Of course I thanked him, where upon he said there was another one that that, "was even more mechanical," that he would try and find for me.

Pretty darn neighborly if you ask me. I placed the Williamson Burgundy in my pocket, and headed back over to the mini, grabbed what I had originally intended to grab, and headed back inside.

I can only dream about what the other one is, a hootch owl? tucker? royal club?

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