a nice send off

So… We had a small party last night (85 people). And this morning, after doing the remaining dishes, throwing out the trash, and cleaning the house in preparation for our Maine trip, I grabbed my blackberry to check email. There were several, but one was from an online antiques site. I opened it up, and there she was; a folding celluloid lady corkscrew!!! Marked well, with a sharp helix and a great price!

I scampered upstairs–a little slowly as there was much wine consumed last night–and clicked the appropriate buttons to get to the piece. After a brief phone call with the seller, the deal was done. And, the lovely lady will make its way from "the Cape" to "the Highlands" over the next couple of days… A nice parting gift to start of the vacation…

More Austrian Corkscrews

As if 10 isn’t a good enough start to a collection, I received an email today showing me a few more that I could add to my Austrian corkscrew assemblage. The pictures are below, and I AM thinking about it. I have never really considered the Aubock pieces that attractive, but if the fellow is asking a fair price, I may go for it. The fish, elephant, and bear would be my favs of the lot.

I will provide updates once I find out what tradebait the person is looking for.

Back from Maine for a couple of days and a Cartier Corkscrew

Well, it has been an eventful morning already. We got back from Maine last night, and the landscapers are busy digging holes and filling them with plants. Of course, the sudden deluge of rain has slowed the progress a bit, but they keep working!

On our way home yesterday, the lovely and I finally made it to this antique store that has been closed every time we have driven by for two-years…and, alas… it is not the treasure trove of corkscrews that I had hoped it was. They did have three corkscrews; all roundlets (one in sterling) but all over priced.

There was a nice surprise that I found online however. And, the deal is already done–after negotiating briefly this morning. This may go into the lovely’s collection, as it is a cartier corkscrew in the original box.

three dog night–or afternoon as it were.

I was perusing eBay yesterday, in between talking to landscapers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. And, I ran across an interesting listing which read, "Vintage Silver Colour Dog Corkscrew good condition" with the description that said, "nice item has lots of writing under dogs tummy."

Now, it is just a simple figural dog corkscrew, but it was marked even though you couldn’t see the marking. So, I decided to take a chance and snap up the buy it now she had on the piece. A whopping .60 gbp!!!!

Not the rarity by any means, but a steal at that price no matter how it was marked. So, just for kicks, I emailed to ask what was the marking. She said she couldn’t make it out, but told me she would be adding another one online–promptly emailing me the listing number. I had no idea what it was, or what it would be listed for…

I copied, pasted, and hit the button and what should appear? Again, not a rarity, but a pair of dogs corkscrew… This time with a buy it now of .80 gbp!!!

Definitely a three dog afternoon!

More updates and lots of Austrian corkscrews

The french doors are installed, and will be trimmed out today!

The landscapers have taken up one side of the yard, and 500 plants were delivered! And, there are still more to come!

Tommy texted me, to say he was in Wyoming. Of course, if he was in Wyoming he was driving very fast and in the wrong direction. Turns out he was in Montana…apparently geography isn’t his strong suit.

And, I have struck a deal for 7 signed Hagenauer and RR corkscrews. They are being shipped to me today, and I will be adding an Austrian corkscrew page to the website as soon as they get here (and the lovely and I get back from Maine–we leave Friday).

Tommy’s Travels and News

I called to check on Tommy’s progress yesterday, and he explained that he was in Wisconsin (coming up on three antique malls). If he stops at every antique store he sees, his drive is going to take a looooooooooooooooong time.

I have found corkscrews in some of the states he will be driving through, but it will be interesting to hear how the antique malls/shops in North Dakota, Montana, and Idaho pan out–I am sure there are corkscrews there, but how many, and of what variety?

Other news:

I found this small bow yesterday… Nothing rare, but a fair price at 3 dollars!

CB listed a Dickson patent!

RL is back from Italy–without corkscrews, but with sterling tastevin

The French Doors are being installed today!

And, the Celtic’s won!

miniature mother of pearl legs, and wishing Tommy safe travels…

Pictured below is the latest deal. I have a guy up the street who has tons of brass antiques all over his shop, and we started talking corkscrews. Out of his toolbox came these. I handed him some cash, went and bought a starbuck’s short (with room), and headed back to the house.

These are the tiniest little legs I have ever seen. I know they aren’t technically legs, but what else would you call them?

And, yesterday I talked to Tommy as he was planning an evening with friends before his trek to Seattle. It is a very long journey, but if you see a gun metal grey ford blazing down the highway playing Rage Against the Machine with a Syroco Waiter on the dash…feel free to flag him down… he could probably use a break from driving.

Safe travels TC… And, good hunting along the way…

yet another corkscrew… and, construction updates.

Negotiations are underway, but I received another email yesterday offering a corkscrew for sale. Just a simple bow, but you gotta love it when people send pictures and say, would you like this one?

Construction updates:

My office has now been completed (including flat screen and glass case for the Syroco collection). On Wednesday the French doors will be installed in the living room heading onto the deck, and landscaping will begin!!!!