Great Concert!

The show was great last night!!!!!

On a corkscrew note, an early american patent corkscrew was listed last night, and I put it on my watch list–hoping for the opportunity of spending my countless millions in paypal (actually hundreds). And, I happened to go back to my "my ebay" this afternoon to see that said auction had ended early. There were bids on the piece when I saw it, but someone must have made an offer to buy the piece (not me) off of ebay (not allowed in their rules btw).

Interestingly, the seller’s listing reads as follows… "We will not end an auction early once it is listed, no matter what offer may be made. Rest assured, unless there is an error, the item will remain available for the duration of the listing…"

The corkscrew at auction, that "…will not end…early once it is listed…" that DID end early after it WAS listed is pictured below.