miniature mother of pearl legs, and wishing Tommy safe travels…

Pictured below is the latest deal. I have a guy up the street who has tons of brass antiques all over his shop, and we started talking corkscrews. Out of his toolbox came these. I handed him some cash, went and bought a starbuck’s short (with room), and headed back to the house.

These are the tiniest little legs I have ever seen. I know they aren’t technically legs, but what else would you call them?

And, yesterday I talked to Tommy as he was planning an evening with friends before his trek to Seattle. It is a very long journey, but if you see a gun metal grey ford blazing down the highway playing Rage Against the Machine with a Syroco Waiter on the dash…feel free to flag him down… he could probably use a break from driving.

Safe travels TC… And, good hunting along the way…

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