and, still more Austrians

4 more Austrian corkscrews were offered to me last night, and we are just trying to figure out what piece will be sent in trade to complete the deal. This lot is quite cool as there are three hagenauer pieces, and one baller fish. The little dog with the collar is a very very cool piece that I am sure will garner some trade offers from the usual suspects–and some of the unusual suspects.

back from Maine

For some reason, each trip we have taken to Maine lately includes a rain/wind/thunder/lightening storm through which we must drive to either get there, or come home. And, once we get there the weather is beautiful. It makes for a slow drive on the way up (or down) but it is truly worth it.

Yesterday, we competed in a bi-athalon on the island. It wasn’t terribly long, but it was a lovely run and ride. We didn’t win. But, then again, we weren’t trying to.

Corkscrews were exchanged at the art gallery who will be hosting the upcoming show, and I spent the prior afternoon cataloging everything that she will have. I ended up putting 60 pieces at the gallery, only 10 are NOT for sale.

Interestingly, or at least I find it interesting, was in between the running, riding, corkscrewing, and painting of the bedroom ceiling–the only "work" on the house I did this week, I ventured in to the tiny hardware store on the main street of the village and behind the counter hanging on a nail is a small folding bow corkscrew. The store was busy–busy for the island anyway–so, I will ask about it next week when I am back.

No new corkscrew acquisitions over the course of the weekend, although the lovely acquired a sculpture from the gallery, and it is currently keeping watch of our little home up there.

According to his blog, Tommy found a syroco clown, and has listed some nice things. I have a few that may hit ebay this week as well. And, rumor has it my trading partner in Austria has come up with a couple more pieces. And, another friend from another part of the world has mentioned that he may have a hagenauer golfer. We shall see!

change of plans and couple of roundlets

After talking it over, and a meeting that lasted longer than we had planned, we grabbed some sushi and wine and stayed home last night. We are leaving to Maine in a few minutes, but coffee was calling…

Yesterday two bottle roundlets arrived, and they are quite interesting. Both have brass advertising badges, one for Peebles and one for Eliston Whiskey. I already had a peebles, but this one is entirely different. Check the picks–the oval badge has been in my collection for years, the square is the new arrival.

two more austrians before I head out the door.

Sue is finishing up in a meeting, so before we lock up the place, I figured I would throw two more photos on here. These are two Austrian corkscrews–both marked BALLER AUSTRIA that Tommy sent in a box filled with other corkscrews–I think there were at least 7 ross pigs as well.

The piggies are for the gallery show coming up in August, but the Austrian ones are intended as trade bait. They are nice looking little guys…should I make a deal?

I will think about it over the weekend. I would get these two and a much needed tip-top and Tommy would get one of the corkscrews he gave me in a trade during our last Chicago-based-hour-long-trade-session.

its raining cats and dogs, and i just stepped in a poodle

The lovely’s flight was cancelled last night, so she tried her hardest to get on another flight–only to have that one cancelled. Thunder, lightning, rain, it has been a wet couple of days here (and in Philly, where she is stranded).

For a while there I was considering starting construction on an ark, but my tools are in Maine. It has finally let up and hopefully she will be able to hop a plane this morning, and head home.

On a corkscrew note, I was perusing the web yesterday, having refined a new search I was working on, and managed to find a devil corkscrew. Thus far, the search has netted a pair of ladies legs, a cartier bow, a syroco waiter, two roundlet bottles with badges, a negbaur parrot with feathers, and now the piece (for the nice price of 20 bucks) pictured below.

more austrian corkscrews!

Just before I headed off to Maine, a deal was made in principle for a trade of more corkscrews. I scooted off to Vinalhaven, and my training partner also went on holiday–finally returning this week. So, yesterday emails we exchanged, and agreements arrived at. I will post these to the Austrian Corkscrew page then they arrive, but there are several heading to 16 kingston.

WHW marked flying/leaping mountain goat

RR marked monkey

BOSSE fish

BOSSE bear

and three Aubock Key Corkscrews–one of which looks to be an advertising piece.

the golden knight, and other stuff.

There is a golden knight on eBay, and currently it is hovering around $ 910. In recent years Sir Syroco has hit over $3000, but also has sold in the $1800 range. I wonder where this one will end up?

Sue and I have been making travel arrangements; booking flights for Chattanooga and Williamsburg. And, working out sleeping arrangements for this September’s Brimfield, as it seems PB, CB, RL, MW, and BT are all going to be staying at our place that week–which one of you wants the corkscrew room, and which one wants the syroco room?

Also, if anyone knows about any great antique fairs in Paris in October, drop me a line. Sue will be attending an industry show there, and I am going fly over for a few days as well.