While I was out…

well, it seems that the usual suspects were quite busy while I was away from my laptop for the past 8 days. RL scored a peapod folding corkscrew–which looks to still have the latch attached. Marky Mark managed a rare Detroit Leg. And, Tommy–still banned from eBay–managed to scoop up several marked Baller/Hagenauer pieces from a CCCC member.

Not to be completely left out, upon my arrival home there was an interesting two prong cokscrew marked "PATENT APPLD FOR" waiting for me. I have to find a loupe, but it looks like there may be an additional marking on the bottle opener part. Good finds all around.

back from the BEST VACATION EVER!

Well, we got back late yesterday from a fantastic vacation! It will be hence forth be known as BVE (best vacation ever). There were no corkscrews–other than those used on bottles of wine. A week of great food, biking, kayaking, swimming in the quarry, running around the island, and lots of lobster. Simple, fantastic, and wonderful!

So, it’s Monday following vacation and I have a cup of coffee in hand gearing up for the week ahead–not a bad week as Brimfield starts tomorrow…

btw–If you happen to hit Brimfield, stop and say hello… I wonder if Mark or Tommy will be wearing their "buying mah jongg" jumpsuits???