austrian corkscrew page

Well, I finally got around to taking pictures of the Austrian corkscrews that I picked up recently. And, now they have their own page on my website. You can link to it here: Austrian Corkscrews!

There are only 9 shown, but 6 more are on their way from Austria, and negotiations are currently taking place for two others.


my apologies for not putting in pictures from yesterday’s Brimfield, but I was recovering from a lack of great finds…

Brimfield was hot, humid, and fairly sparse yesterday (few buyers and few dealers). And, while those of us hunting for corkscrews did find corkscrews, the findings seemed to be more ebay fodder than items for our respective collections.

Still it was a good time seeing Andre, Barry, and Ken Cameron (whom I had never met before). None of us made that fantastic find, but we did manage a few. Some of mine are pictured below, but I also picked up a toolmaster and two R. Murphy direct pulls.

The highlight of the day, was actually the evening, when Barry and Marty Taylor came over for a night of wine, dinner, and corkscrew conversations!

This actually closes my Brimfield report, as I am not returning this week. Instead I am prepping for another trip to Maine, and leave on Friday–maybe the temperature will be cooler, the humidity less, and the corkscrews more plentiful up there!