a few arrivals before my departure

I head back to Maine in the morning. And, whilst I was loading the tools (table saw, drill, nail gun, etc.) into the X-terra, Phil-the-mailcarrier made a delivery.

Quite the interesting pair of folding corkscrews, these will probably be available for trade. I might even keep them for the CCCC AGM (Canadian Corkscrew Collectors Club Annual General Meeting).

The celluloid folding lady is nearly perfect. No celluloid loss, sharp helix, marked, and there are no little dents to her nose as is often the case. And, to top that off the hinge is really tight.

The other folding corkscrew is the Must de Cartier folding bow in the original box… It took a week or so to get the seller to send it to me, but it has arrived, and I am quite pleased.

I do leave in the morning, but will check in every once in a while with corkscrew (or lobster) finds over the next couple of days…