its raining cats and dogs, and i just stepped in a poodle

The lovely’s flight was cancelled last night, so she tried her hardest to get on another flight–only to have that one cancelled. Thunder, lightning, rain, it has been a wet couple of days here (and in Philly, where she is stranded).

For a while there I was considering starting construction on an ark, but my tools are in Maine. It has finally let up and hopefully she will be able to hop a plane this morning, and head home.

On a corkscrew note, I was perusing the web yesterday, having refined a new search I was working on, and managed to find a devil corkscrew. Thus far, the search has netted a pair of ladies legs, a cartier bow, a syroco waiter, two roundlet bottles with badges, a negbaur parrot with feathers, and now the piece (for the nice price of 20 bucks) pictured below.