back from Maine

For some reason, each trip we have taken to Maine lately includes a rain/wind/thunder/lightening storm through which we must drive to either get there, or come home. And, once we get there the weather is beautiful. It makes for a slow drive on the way up (or down) but it is truly worth it.

Yesterday, we competed in a bi-athalon on the island. It wasn’t terribly long, but it was a lovely run and ride. We didn’t win. But, then again, we weren’t trying to.

Corkscrews were exchanged at the art gallery who will be hosting the upcoming show, and I spent the prior afternoon cataloging everything that she will have. I ended up putting 60 pieces at the gallery, only 10 are NOT for sale.

Interestingly, or at least I find it interesting, was in between the running, riding, corkscrewing, and painting of the bedroom ceiling–the only "work" on the house I did this week, I ventured in to the tiny hardware store on the main street of the village and behind the counter hanging on a nail is a small folding bow corkscrew. The store was busy–busy for the island anyway–so, I will ask about it next week when I am back.

No new corkscrew acquisitions over the course of the weekend, although the lovely acquired a sculpture from the gallery, and it is currently keeping watch of our little home up there.

According to his blog, Tommy found a syroco clown, and has listed some nice things. I have a few that may hit ebay this week as well. And, rumor has it my trading partner in Austria has come up with a couple more pieces. And, another friend from another part of the world has mentioned that he may have a hagenauer golfer. We shall see!