an interesting advertising corkscrew

I had been watching this corkscrew for the past week, and figured it would go relatively high. Of course, I had a snipe placed on it, and had hoped it didn’t go relatively high. I was hoping it would go unnoticed and go extremely low!

it didn’t go extremely low

While it was listed, I perused the various books I have. And, it doesn’t seem to be in any of them. Not in Don’s book. Not in Ferd and Bert’s new book on pocket corkscrews. I even opened the JFO book hoping. NOTHING!

So… this means it is either a new discovery, had never been photographed in captivity before, or is an item that some cat made in his shop.

Given that there is advertising on it, and that it looks to be pretty well made, i decided to leave the snipe and take my chances. And, as luck would have it. I won. So… the folding Jas. E. Pepper Whiskey corkscrew is heading my way.

Anyone have any thoughts on it…feel free to share!