Back from Maine, before heading back to Maine

The lovely bride and I drove up to Castine, Maine on Friday to continue the celebration of our 15th anniversary. Despite threatening skies, we managed to get up there unscathed and mostly dry.

It was a fabulous weekend at the Castine Inn, where the Innkeeper (and chef) offered to make us dinner. We heartily accepted, and proceeded to enjoy a 10 course dinner. He provided the white wines for the beginning courses, we provided the reds (a 1993 Mouton Rothschild and a 1993 Chateau Montelena). The Mouton was light, as we expected, but the Montelena was still going strong!

Little antiquing was accomplished, but I have mapped out an area that will be hit in the coming weeks!

The lovely leaves for California in a couple of hours, and I head back to Maine tomorrow to work on the house, and get ready for the gallery opening. I will have the laptop with me, so if I can find an internet connection, I will update as the week progresses.

On a last note–although pictures will be posted later–the folding Jas. E. Pepper Whiskey corkscrew arrived, and it is fantastic! Better made than I expected, this is going to make the best 6!