worth the drive

The other day I was offered two "iron corckscrews" via email. I opened the attached photos, and was quite intrigued with one of the pieces. But, for some reason, it just didn’t look right. I grabbed Don’s book, then Ferd’s, then Bert’s…the helix simply didn’t match up. I forwarded the email to Don, and he verified my suspicions…the helix should be less bladed and more wire like (the picture with the greenish background is what the person sent)

I called the seller and talked with him about it. We discussed his asking price, and I figured it would be worth it to drive over and check it out. And, I am glad I did. the photo that made the corkscrew look like it was bladed was merely due to dust and poor lighting.

The helix is indeed quite right–sharp even (ouch)–and the piece is marked J. PLANT.

Unless someone offers some healthy tradebait, this may make the best 6 of the year! An awesome corkscrew!