semester starts today

The weather has been changing, and it is beginning to feel a little like fall; squirrels busy at work. I am sure we will have some hot days ahead, but this past week you could feel it in the air, and quickly August is coming to a close.

And today, Fall semester begins where I teach. Not that I have to be there, as my classes don’t start until tomorrow. None the less, Summer is officially over, and it is back to the classroom.

Interestingly enough, next week also begins a season of corkscrewing! A week from Tuesday Brimfield starts, and we have yet to find out how many corkscrew collectors will be camping out at our place. And, shortly after Brimfield the CCCC meeting is in Chattanooga, then the ICCA meeting in Williamsburg. These meetings will be followed up with a bit of antiquing in Paris, and then the ICCA online auction after that.

I am sure I will actually get some teaching (and dissertating) done in between these events…

As for other goings on:

The restaurant collection is pretty much completed, and we are now figuring out timing for the installation. When a date is agreed upon, I will drive 20+ corkscrews down to Atlantic City and meet up with the designers and work out the display (pictures will be taken!)

And, I will be making more coffee momentarily.

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