Mummy for me, and a few others for the rest of you

Well, it looks as though Tommy’s deal will also benefit yours truly, as I picked up the Mumford that was in the current collection he is buying. But, never fear good people of corkscrew-dom. A friend called today to offer me 6 corkscrews.

Pictures will be posted and emailed after the pieces arrive in a couple of days, but there will be a rather lovely Theiry and Crosselmire, a carved boar’s head stag with glass eyes and sterling adornments, a carved alligator–this one is unusual, as it was described to be an alligator sitting on a log as opposed to the alligator resting on a piece of horn/stag…I am looking forward to that one. Also there is supposed to be another rather large carved horn, and Rococo Rollover piece that is marked for Gorham.

And, hold on to your hats….a Tucker! The Tucker is actually coming in two weeks, but soon enough!

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