updates from day 1

After having coffee, and drinking coffee along the way, and getting more coffee after I arrived in Brimfield, the hunt began. And, it wasn’t more than 8 minutes of walking around before I ran into Barry Taylor. It was dark and early so little finds had been made thus far. We promised to meet up around 10, and we headed separate ways.

I did find a few interesting things, but no major scores as of yet. (The day 1 Brimfield booty is pictured below).

At the agreed upon time, Barry and I met up for coffee (big surprise) and talked about the days finds. There were two fields still yet to open, but I had to run back to school to teach a couple of classes, so Barry would have those to himself. Barry smiled at that… He wouldn’t be having them to himself, as he had run into Mike Gordon earlier in the day, and apparently Mike Gordon had run into a Tucker patent in one of the booths. No pricing information was given, but I am sure he got it for a song. I will try and hunt him down tomorrow and get the whole story, but it does give hope… the treasures are still out there!!!!!

Tomorrow will be another adventure… I can hardly wait!

Oh yes… the Mah Jongg people were there again…